About Kierra

Hi! I'm Kierra the photographer behind Kierra Josette- Intimate Artistry. I'm a body empowerment photographer based in Terre Haute, IN. I think it's important to realize that I'm a body empowerment photographer before I'm a "boudoir photographer". My ultimate goal for your session is initiate and cultivate self love. I want you to see yourself the way other's see you. Let's look past the flaws. If your only desire is to get some sexy pictures for your significant other, and you want every single pore erased and airbrushed, I'm probably not the photographer for you. But, if you want a lifelong gift of kindness to yourself and positivity, I'm your girl.

I have been a photographer for the past five years. I also have my bachelor's in Communication. I've been awarded many titles and have been internationally published along the industry's leading boudoir photographers.

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