The session fee is $500.

What your session fee includes:

  • Pre-session prep guide with information on what to wear and how to prepare for you session

  • Complimentary wardrobe consultation. (You can come to our studio and try on all of our pieces and accessories to plan what you want to wear during your session!)

  • Up to 60 minutes of photography in the studio

  • Professional posing from head to toe

  • Custom reveal session 1 week after your shoot

***This does not include any digital images or products. All images and products are purchased separately from an a la carte menu. $250 of the session fee is due upfront to reserve your date. The remaining $250 session fee is due 1 week before your session. The price of your products (depending on the album and artwork you choose) can be put on a pre-payment plan or due in full the day of your session.


Product Pricing

After your session you'll come back to the studio 1 week later for your "Reveal". During your reveal session we will go through all of the images from your gallery and decide which images you love the most for your products! Albums, heirloom boxes, wall art, etc. It's a pick and choose so it's completely customizable for each individual and their budget .We will go over detailed pricing and all of the products at your reveal session. You'll be able to flip through albums, look at wall art and compare all of the sizes to decide what works best for you!

A la carte products start at $399.

Albums start at $1,150.

Collections start at $1,900.

****A typical client invests $2,800-$4,300 total into their boudoir experience.

However, some clients stay between the $400-$900 range.




Payment Plans

We do offer payment plans!

  • Paypal credit- we accept Paypal Credit! This is a great option for clients who do not wish to do a payment plan before their session. Paypal credit offers no interest/no payments for 6 months!

  • If you don't qualify for Paypal Credit you can always do a pre-payment plan through Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry! It's $100 down to start your pre-payment plan and the remaining balance is broken into monthly payments (up to 12 months depending on your session date). All pre-payment plans are made during the months leading up to your session date. When you arrive for your session you are already good to go with your artwork selected! Any payments paid on your payment plan are non-refundable.