Central Indiana Boudoir Session // Kierra Josette Artistry, Inc. // Terre Haute, Indiana Boudoir Photographer

Watching a woman become confident and accept herself is always an amazing feeling. However, when she comes back with her husband for another session, that’s even more exciting! I love that she trusted me enough to share this experience with her partner. Read below what she gained from doing her boudoir session:

”I wanted to have a couples session to give my husband some time he didn't even realize he needed. Then I ended up also doing the waterfall mini for mainly me.

I'd just had my 3rd baby so i was still lacking a major confidence I'd always tried to carry. I also had issues still from having all my teeth pulled and going to dentures at such a young age. You don’t realize how hard that hits emotionally tell your looking in the mirror after its all done.

Doing the waterfall mini was a major stepping stone. It felt good to bring myself back into a sexy fiery light again. Then when the husband and me did our couples session just a few weeks after I was more on top of the word. He gave me thanks for showing him I still wanted him the way we did when we got together and it was something I know he now truly realized it was something we both really needed.

I'm raising 3 girls. This gave me back the confidence to stand bold again. To show them that no matter what life has thrown at me a women still should celebrate the body the was blessed to have and in this world we are raising the future in they needed to see that come from me again.”

When asked what advice she’d give to someone considering a session she said:

Do it! Quite saying when I loose weight, quite worrying about what others may think and quite making excuses to not love yourself fully.