Terre Haute, IN Boudoir Session // Kierra Josette Artistry, Inc.

“I've followed Kierra since the very beginning of her photography career. Since the very beginning of it all, I have LOVED her work in everything she's done. I even almost went to her for my senior pictures in high school! I've always wanted to have pictures taken by her because I knew that they would turn out beautifully. Once she started doing boudoir, I fell in love. I've always had pretty low self esteem, and I just always wanted to feel beautiful like in the pictures she took. I just never had the confidence in myself, to be willing to invest the money to have these pictures taken...until she offered the pay your age event. I couldn't pass up the opportunity then!

I felt so nervous! From the moment I booked the session, I thought to myself "wtf are you doing?!" The nerves subsided and turned to excitement, until the day of my outfit consultation where I had very mixed feelings. My stomach was in knots, but also full of butterflies! Once I met with her, all of my nerves had completely disappeared. She was so kind and welcoming the entire time. I felt the exact same way the day of my shoot, except about a million times more nervous. But once I got into the studio and started talking to her again, all those nerves melted away and it was like hanging out with a lifelong friend.

Once I got into the studio and started talking to her again, all those nerves melted away and it was like hanging out with a lifelong friend. I felt so comfortable and at home there with her...like I'd done it a million times before.

I honestly don't know if I could pick one favorite. If I had to though, I would have to say my favorite part was being in the studio and getting my pictures taken, and then seeing the sneak peeks throughout.

I will admit that I still struggle with my self confidence, but this helped me so much. When I have my bad days, I can just look at those pictures and think DAMN GIRL! It helps me to remember that I should love myself for who I am, and everyone else important to me will too.

I'm going to quote Nike here and say "Just DO It!" You will not regret a single thing about doing this, so just take that step and dive right into finding your own self love story”

Dark + Moody Boudoir Session // Terre Haute Indiana boudoir photographer // Kierra Josette Artistry, Inc.

A boudoir session can be very intimidating. Not only are you stripping down in front of a stranger, but you have to trust that they can represent YOU and not somebody else.

I pride myself in having a completely customizable studio. Not a fan of pink and sparkle? No problem. Want dark and sultry? I’ve got you.

I completely designed a custom set-up for this babe’s session.

Read what she has to say below:

” I did this session to learn self-acceptance.

I started off the process scared and doubtful. Throughout the session those feelings changed to total ease. Instantly I knew I made the right decision, especially since Kierra rearranged everything just for me. I was free to be myself and not judged.

My favorite part of the experience was the reveal. Kierra made me feel and look beautiful. I got to see the me everyone else sees in still frame, which was so helpful for my journey.

I know now that my clothing size does not define my beauty.

Here’s my advice to you: just go in for a free consultation!! If you’re scared, you won’t be anymore. I was naked within minutes of changing clothes and I never do that even with my closest friends or boyfriend…that’s how comfy I was. The session was a breeze and goes by so fast. Just do what she says, listen to the professional she will not steer you wrong!”

Couples Boudoir Session // Terre Haute, IN Boudoir Photographer // Kierra Josette Artistry, Inc.

I can’t believe I’m just now blogging this session. One of my all time favorite couples session all the way back from 2017!!!

“I wanted To surprise my soon to be husband with an album for our wedding gift. Then shortly after we had a couple sessions and could wait to do a session with my husband because I knew He would enjoy one just as much as me.

I was nervous and didn’t know what I got my self into. I wasn’t very confident in myself but my husband would always tell me he loved how my body looked so I gave In and wanted to give it a try. When the couples session came around I was Ready! Lol I knew My husband would love it and he did! He wasn’t so sure about it when I first told me about doing a couples session, but during the session he was loving it and even giving ideas on different positions!

During the session, Kierra made me feel great and throughout the session my confidence grow so much in that short time with her. She would get so excited during the session after every picture that turned out great and that really helped me come out of my shell even more! (It was so hard narrowing down the pictures at my reveal!) After the couples session. The sex life went to another level and we have been together for 8 years!! We grew even closer to each other and love looking back at our pictures together!

My favorite part was getting the confidence after just a few pictures into the sessions! In the couples session, my favorite part was the shower pictures and getting our pictures taken in that awesome hotel. We received so many compliments on our pictures it was really uplifting and made me think wow I have A bad ass body why am I always Worrying about getting skinnier!

I feel Sexy again after having two boys and my husband just LOVES his album!! I’m so happy me and my husband were able to experience together! It was differently something that brought that spark back into our relationship!

My advice to other women: Book at least one session to get that confidence that every woman needs! Even if it’s just for yourself. It helped me in more ways than one with the way I looked at my body! I feel Like it’s a yearly thing that needs to do done