Why "baring it all" doesn't have to be "baring it ALL" // Kierra Josette Intimate Artistry // Terre Haute, IN Boudoir Photographer

There's a common misconception with boudoir photography that you have to be in lingerie.  FALSE.  You can wear anything and feel EMPOWERED! 

    • Why did you want a boudoir session with Kierra Josette- Intimate Artistry?

      I was going through a rough time in my life after getting out of a bad relationship and needed a confidence boost.

    • What were your initial feelings BEFORE the session?

      I was extremely nervous.

    • How (if any) did your feelings change during or after your boudoir session?

      Within minutes of being in the studio you made me feel extremely comfortable. you spoke to me like I was a close friend and made me feel so amazing about myself.

    • What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?

      getting that boost of confidence back that I've been missing

    • How (if any) did your boudoir experience change your overall being?

      it made me feel like I was deserving of so much in my life and I was worth all the happiness I deserve.

    • What advice or information would you give to someone wanting to book a session with Kierra?

      do it now, not next year when you've lost weight or feel better about yourself or when you have someone to do the pictures for. do it for YOU!

    • Describe your session:

      I did a sweater mini. it was very relaxing and so much fun

    • Would you consider booking another boudoir session in the future?