Making your nerves vanish // Kierra Josette Intimate Artistry // Terre Haute, IN Boudoir Photographer

  • Why did you want a boudoir session with Kierra Josette- Intimate Artistry?

    I participated in the Worthy Project. Before doing that I was super nervous about what people would say about me. By doing that project made me realize who cares what people think about you. It's about what you think of yourself.

  • What were your initial feelings BEFORE the session?

    Sick to my stomach. Nervous.

  • How (if any) did your feelings change during or after your boudoir session?

    Into my session. Was comfortable. Wasn't nervous.

  • What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?

    The clawfoot bathtub and the fireplace!

  • How (if any) did your boudoir experience change your overall being?

    Made me realize and to not care what someone else thought of you. Boosted my self confidence up

  • What advice or information would you give to someone wanting to book a session with Kierra?

    Do it. Don't wait till you lost the lbs you want to lose. Don't wait till next year. Do it. You don't regret it.

  • Describe your session:

    Was fun. Didn't feel awkward. Exciting. Lots of laughs.

  • Would you consider booking another boudoir session in the future? 



We love hearing from you babes! Reading your words and learning that your nerves faded throughout your session makes me SO happy.  It's completely normal to be nervous at first, but I promise it gets better. We end up laughing and chatting so much you'll completely forget you aren't clothed! This beauty had such a great session last year, she's coming back again this Fall for her 2nd shoot~