Boudoir as a Gift // Kierra Josette Intimate Artistry // Terre Haute Boudoir Photographer

I first met this beauty YEARS ago when I was shooting families. I photographed her sweet newborn and every three months until she was a year old. I've frequently updated their family photos, as well. When she reached out to me saying she wanted a boudoir session before her wedding I was sooooo excited! I knew she was going to completely rock the session. 

I have *tons* of brides come in for boudoir sessions so they can gift it to their spouse on their wedding day. Throughout the planning process many women speak only of what their significant other wants. They say things like "Oh, well he/she really likes me in lace" etc, etc. This is where I step in! What do YOU like?! As much as you'd like to think this is a gift for your spouse, it's so much more than that. It's an experience that allows you to love yourself. You're creating a space where self-acceptance is OKAY and celebrated! 

" N.E.R.V.O.U.S doesn't even begin to touch how I felt before. I've known Kierra for a while because she is our family photographer so that helped *some*, but my nerves were out of the roof!! After I walked in, the overall vibe was so surreal that the nerves went out the door.  The whole experience was something I didn't expect, fun.

My session was super fun, full of laughs, and laid back. Kierra does the most amazing job of making you feel comfortable. As soon as you walk in, it feels like you're catching up with an old friend from school. She mocks the poses she wants you to get into, to flatter your body most. When I saw a few of my sneaks on the way home (yes, it was that quick) I squealed with excitement!! I planned on purchasing 1 *small* product but I fell in love with my images, I ended up buying an album :)

When I walked out of there, I had the biggest smile on my face. She made me feel like a goddess the entire time.

When I had my reveal session, I was in complete awe of my images. To me, they weren't just "images", they were pieces of art and I was the subject. The reveal session was my favorite part of the entire experience". 

What advice or information would you give to someone wanting to book a session with Kierra?---100% do it!! It isn't just a buduoir session, it's a complete self realization that I think every woman needs to experience.