Overcoming Triumphs // Kierra Josette Intimate Artistry // Terre Haute, IN Boudoir Photographer

"This was my third session I had done with Kierra. The first two were gifts for my significant other at the time. This past year has been a rough one going through a divorce and struggling with some serious self image issues. However, I finally am to the point that I know someone else will want me and it was a serious self-confidence booster! I did this session solely for myself and it was by far my favorite one yet!

I’ve had two sessions with Kierra before today. Both of which were meant to be gifts for my significant other at the time which were turned out beautifully.

But today I did a session and it was solely for ME.

I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life I feel like and it has always made me self conscious. Kierra always makes me feel like perfection working with her. The past year of my life has been pure hell. Long story short, I got divorced and I was so afraid no one would ever want me again. I feel like I stayed in my relationship/marriage because I was afraid no one would ever desire me in that way again. But let me just tell you all, I was so wrong. In that marriage I lost myself and for the first time in 3 years, I finally feel like I am me again. I feel like my smile is brighter and my life is so much more how I wanted it to be. I’m free to be who I was meant to be. Anyone that has ever been in the situation of losing a piece of yourself knows it’s a deep and dark place. I was fortunate enough to find my way out and for that I am forever grateful and will never look at myself in a negative light again. I’m far from perfect but I have a lot to offer and more women need to realize this about themselves. Never settle or think you don’t have what it takes for a session because you’ll regret it!

Today was for me and I can’t thank Kierra enough for making the experience amazing! (Along with being such a good friend through all the ups and downs with no judgement! 😘)

I love just hanging out and chatting with Kierra. She always makes me laugh when I have a session with her and it makes the experience that much more unique.

If I had to give advice to another women about doing a session it would be: DO it! I promise once you do it one time, you'll be hooked!!.