Dark + Moody Boudoir Session // Terre Haute Indiana boudoir photographer // Kierra Josette Artistry, Inc.

A boudoir session can be very intimidating. Not only are you stripping down in front of a stranger, but you have to trust that they can represent YOU and not somebody else.

I pride myself in having a completely customizable studio. Not a fan of pink and sparkle? No problem. Want dark and sultry? I’ve got you.

I completely designed a custom set-up for this babe’s session.

Read what she has to say below:

” I did this session to learn self-acceptance.

I started off the process scared and doubtful. Throughout the session those feelings changed to total ease. Instantly I knew I made the right decision, especially since Kierra rearranged everything just for me. I was free to be myself and not judged.

My favorite part of the experience was the reveal. Kierra made me feel and look beautiful. I got to see the me everyone else sees in still frame, which was so helpful for my journey.

I know now that my clothing size does not define my beauty.

Here’s my advice to you: just go in for a free consultation!! If you’re scared, you won’t be anymore. I was naked within minutes of changing clothes and I never do that even with my closest friends or boyfriend…that’s how comfy I was. The session was a breeze and goes by so fast. Just do what she says, listen to the professional she will not steer you wrong!”