Couples Boudoir Session // Terre Haute, IN Boudoir Photographer // Kierra Josette Artistry, Inc.

I can’t believe I’m just now blogging this session. One of my all time favorite couples session all the way back from 2017!!!

“I wanted To surprise my soon to be husband with an album for our wedding gift. Then shortly after we had a couple sessions and could wait to do a session with my husband because I knew He would enjoy one just as much as me.

I was nervous and didn’t know what I got my self into. I wasn’t very confident in myself but my husband would always tell me he loved how my body looked so I gave In and wanted to give it a try. When the couples session came around I was Ready! Lol I knew My husband would love it and he did! He wasn’t so sure about it when I first told me about doing a couples session, but during the session he was loving it and even giving ideas on different positions!

During the session, Kierra made me feel great and throughout the session my confidence grow so much in that short time with her. She would get so excited during the session after every picture that turned out great and that really helped me come out of my shell even more! (It was so hard narrowing down the pictures at my reveal!) After the couples session. The sex life went to another level and we have been together for 8 years!! We grew even closer to each other and love looking back at our pictures together!

My favorite part was getting the confidence after just a few pictures into the sessions! In the couples session, my favorite part was the shower pictures and getting our pictures taken in that awesome hotel. We received so many compliments on our pictures it was really uplifting and made me think wow I have A bad ass body why am I always Worrying about getting skinnier!

I feel Sexy again after having two boys and my husband just LOVES his album!! I’m so happy me and my husband were able to experience together! It was differently something that brought that spark back into our relationship!

My advice to other women: Book at least one session to get that confidence that every woman needs! Even if it’s just for yourself. It helped me in more ways than one with the way I looked at my body! I feel Like it’s a yearly thing that needs to do done

Out in the wild // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

"I did a session because I wanted to love myself and feel proud of my body. I especially have a lack of confidence in my breast. Also I love doing life modeling so I was curious how they would be different. I was very excited. Of course I was a little nervous after, all I had no idea how different from life modeling it would be. 

There was a cute sign waiting for me welcoming me with my name on it. She helped me pick out my outfits and got us each a bottle of water. We headed outside to the woods on the way we went over what I wanted and she made sure all my questions were answered. Kierra was friendly and we had fun talking. 

I found myself feeling more confident as soon as I put on the clothing items in the woods. It also helped that while Kierra is helping you pose and taking pictures she gives words of encouragement. After the session I felt like goddess, mainly of the booty". 

Outdoor sessions are always a refreshing change from our studio shoots. There's so many unique locations and places we can use. There's also the thrilling sensation of being nude outside. Although on private, secluded land, there's always a sense of freedom and wanderlust girls experience during their shoot. I love watching them transform from nervous and timid into free spirits frolicking around outside in their lingerie. It makes me proud to see them embracing their true self.

"I use to not wear tight cloths or half shirts because of my stomach or because I thought my breast were to small for it. Now I say "oh well if you don't like it don't look but your missing out cause I'm hella cute!"

That right there. She feels "hella cute" in her own body nobody what clothing she has on. Mission accomplished.