Breaking the Ice. Let's laugh a little // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

If you've read my blog then you know that a common feeling for clients is to initially be really nervous--usually because they're stripping down and being photographed. However, this babe had a unique outlook on her session. I've known her for so many years now. I've photographed her engagement, wedding, births, countless family photos, and now TWO boudoir sessions. 

" I was a bit nervous( more about getting lost lol than anything) but I was pretty confident, she's seen me more vulnerable than just being naked! She showed me a behind the scenes shot and it shocked me... I thought looking at myself in that raw of form I would hate it but I almost cried at how beautiful I looked and felt in that moment. It gave me that confidence back that I had years ago. I can look in the mirror and feel beautiful. No matter how many times others tell me I'm pretty if I don't feel it, it's not true!

My favorite part was the goofs... when your so nervous and something happens, whether it's me or Kierra and you just laugh and laugh and the nervous feeling is just gone!"

She's completely right. I am a big goofball. You think a boudoir photo shoot is all about being sexy and sultry. Well let me tell you, it is......but there's so many more emotions going on! There's a 90% chance I'll set my camera down to help pose you and then forget where it is. *cue awkward laughing*. There's also a chance that since I forgot where the camera was I'll trip over it and both of us will be cracking up laughing at my clumsiness there's absolutely no reason for you to be nervous in front of me anymore. 

There's also excitement. Seriously, I'm probably more excited about these images than you are. Partially because I get to see them in the instant they are taken and you have to wait until your reveal session and trust that I know what the heck I'm doing (I promise, I do ;) ). Do not be alarmed when I break out in a "YAASSS GIRL. That looks so good. Hold that. YAAAASSS". Because it will 100% happen. Then I will apologize for being an overly, excited supporter and we'll both be laughing again. 

"Kierra really knows how to break that ice of nerves and let you free and enjoy it all! And if there's something you want or don't want she doesn't force you to do anything! And she always asks if you want something that she didn't do. She wants to make sure you got everything that you ever wanted in a session(with in means of course!)

Do it! Don't wait untill you lose the weight or "tone up". Don't wait till you can fit into those clothes do it now! And again after you've lose that weight or toned up your belly... I did it when I was 30lbs heavier and again when I lost the weight and I'm so glad I did... it made me appreciate that "pooch" and show me that I HAD lost weight more than just what a scale can show me!

Always remember that she allows payment plans!! So you can always get the images you want and deserve!! That even if you 100 or 300 lbs she takes shots that flatter you in your unique shape, don't hesitate to do it, you won't regret it!"

There you have it. Another beautiful babe rocking her newfound confidence.