Through the Grace of God: A Veteran's Story // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

Today's featured beauty has quite the story. Not only was this boudoir session a journey of self discovery, but a healing process for her past. Below she'll share her story of why she booked a session and some of the experiences that influenced her choices. I want to personally thank this woman for courageously fighting for our country and acknowledging the fact that she was worthy enough for self love.  With that I give you a true inspiration: 

"Through my life I have endured many types of abuse, most by the hand of someone who was suppose to be the "Love of my Life".... After divorce and a few years of healing, along with seeing the images from the Worthy Project, I thought maybe I just had an impaired way of viewing myself. Even though my new husband is amazing, the hurt is was still there. Prior to my photo shoot my fiance, now husband, had never seen me naked. I was terrified of what he may think if he saw all of me. I believe the hurtful words and believed I was unworthy, broken, ugly, fat, and a waste of space. I new for me, that the negative life style was no longer going to own me. I was going to break the cycle of self hate and this was just the way to do it. I needed to see myself the way that I truly am and not the lies I heard time and time before.

Honesty, leading up to the experience up to the day before I was excited and ready to tackle the session without hesitation. The morning of, I literally woke up almost terrified, thinking of how many gorgeous women had done this before and what I must look like in comparison. I was so scared. I mean at that point my fiance had not seen me naked, but I was going to go reveal all to Kierra. During the drive I kept thinking of why I needed this. Why I needed it for myself and also to believe the amazing compliments of my fiance. I needed to see what he saw, instead of the image in the mirror. I am not going to lie, I prayed long and hard before walking into the studio. I prayed for God to calm my nervous and let me see myself as the beautiful creation that he has made. I also selfishly prayed not to vomit or breakout in splotches as I typically do when nervous or upset.

Then the session happened. Kierra was absolutely amazing. She knew my fears and concerns, because she took the time before the session to know my story, to know my reasons, and to share in the pain I was trying to overcome. Believe it or not, I was calm and confident during the session. I trusted and put my faith in Kierra and her skills to show the beauty in all women. 

We began with outfit choices and moved from there. I had in my mind that I would only do outfits, however by the end of it, I exposed all. I was beyond comfortable with Kierra and I am thankful for that. I can't imagine bearing myself to someone I wasn't completely comfortable and confident in.

My favorite part was the time spent overcoming the negative comments I heard so many times. I could finally see I wasn't at all what I had believed for nearly a decade. All that paired with the amazing images that followed made it an amazingly uplifting experience.

Prior to my session, a friend of mine criticized my choice to do a boudoir session, she felt that as a Christian I should not engage in such activities. This is my response. God created us as beautiful beings. The images that were created are showing God's beautiful creation. God intended us to be pleasing to our husbands. I find absolutely nothing inappropriate or pornographic about sharing such things with your husband. I would also like to encourage all women to engage in such an amazing uplifting experience. It is worth every single moment of stress and penny spent.

If you are considering doing a boudoir session, I would ask you why? No matter the reason, for yourself, to overcome hurts, to surprise your significant other, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! Do it! Do it for yourself, regardless of where you are currently with your self esteem we all need a boost. So do it! Book today!"

The respect I have for this woman's bravery, strength in her faith, and ability to handle what life throws at her with grace is immeasurable. I'm truly thankful our paths crossed and I was able to connect with her.