Through hurting comes healing // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

There's a common misconception with boudoir sessions. Some think that women who have a boudoir session are highly comfortable with themselves and are quick to flaunt their beauty. This couldn't be farther from the truth. The majority of the time it's the complete opposite. Many women who are coming to me are at their weakest, most broken self. Sometimes they've hit rock bottom and this is one of the first steps of that uphill climb. The trust and security these women are laying on me is eye opening. A boudoir session is a way to break down those walls and this beauty did just that.

" Since our wedding, my husband has loved me through the loss of our baby, unsuccessful fertility treatments, and my fluctuating weight because of crazy hormones. When I felt my body had betrayed me, he still kissed it endlessly. It never mattered to him that I didn't like my body (or even my self, sometimes) he loved every part of me, regardless. I wanted a session to try and get a glimpse of myself though my husband's eyes. 

Before the session I was a little hesitant. Though I did a session for my husband before our wedding, we had been through so much that I didn't quite see myself the same way as I did then.  Although I'm not quite as flexible as some as the poses might have required, I never felt funny or out of place. I felt sexy for once, empowered even, and ready to love myself again.

These pictures were first ones I've ever even remotely felt that I could see myself the way my husband sees me every day. My favorite part was getting to see my images! My jaw literally fell to the floor because I was just sure that these were NOT my photos!

These pictures were first ones I've ever even remotely felt that I could see myself the way my husband sees me every day. He doesn't care if my hair is out of place or that I forgot to put on makeup, all he sees is me. And he thinks I'm beautiful. Thankfully, I was finally able to see that with these pictures.

Put aside any doubts that you can't or that you should wait until those few extra pounds are gone, because you need to love yourself NOW.

Don't keep putting off your session. If you want it, book it. Kierra will make you feel as though you are the most beautiful woman out there and it is worth every penny!"

It is with great pride and happiness I share with you this amazing women's strength, beauty, and WORTHINESS.