Bare // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

Most of the time I know my boudoir clients before them. Some know me through living in Vincennes, others have had family sessions with me, but sometimes I get to meet a brand new face. When I saw that she had booked an Authentically You, Fine Art Nude mini session I was so excited! It takes a special type of woman to go full out and have her first boudoir session be completely nude. However, she couldn't have rocked it more than she did. I was so impressed!!

"I struggle constantly with confidence and self esteem issues. After having my son I’ve had a hard time getting the weight off. I read so many positive comments from women who had done a session, but the big “push” for me was seeing The Worthy Project and how moving and empowering that was. At that point I knew I needed to reach out to Kierra.

Before the session I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to think, or how to breathe... I wondered if I should back out or if I had made the wrong decision.

I did the Authintically, You session mini session. When I arrived at the studio there was a personalized sign welcoming me! It was a very laid back session.

I felt amazing afterwards. Like I had just taken control of all of my negative thoughts and just like that they were gone. I felt beautiful. I felt like my body, the body I have now, was wonderful and beautiful, and strong. More importantly that it was mine! It was exactly what I needed in that time.

I no longer pick out every flaw, or wonder what others think of me. I’ve learned to love every part of myself. Not to look at what’s outside, but to look inside and see the beauty from within.

It was the best investment that I’ve made to date! I wholeheartedly recommend doing a session! Not to mention my husband loved the end result! Don’t wait. Don’t wait until you lose that 10 pounds. Until you feel more comfortable. Allow this to help you get past those insecurities. You deserve this! Do it now!"