THROWBACK THURSDAY!!! // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

My, oh my. What fun it was travelling down memory lane to dig up these images off an old harddrive. When this sweet gal volunteered to be a featured babe on our blog I was so excited. She was one of the first beauties to visit me two years ago when I broke into boudoir. Although my style has evolved and my location itself has changed the meaning and importance will hold true forever. 

"I wanted to feel better about myself although my husband tells me EVERYDAY I am beautiful, I still had those negative thoughts due to a past relationship. My husband also begged me to do a session.

I was very nervous and thought I was way to big to be doing a session."

I hear and read these words each and every day. I want to let you know that there is NEVER a limit on what type of woman can have a boudoir shoot. These sessions are for anybody, despite the boundaries society thinks they can put on us. 

"Kierra made me feel beautiful. After each shot she had a smile on her face and a positive comment. After doing a session with Kierra it made me feel better about myself. I was not ashamed to let others know I had done a session".

I asked her if she had any advice to women who are considering a session for themselves:

"DO IT! Everyone is beautiful doesn’t matter your size! You are worthy! Don’t let negative people bring you down!Also, Kierra kicks ass & makes you forget about all those negative thoughts!"

Funfact: that last sentence made me smile so big when I read her words.