The past may influence you, but your perserverance defines you // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

Many of these stories come easy to me. I'm able to write up a blurb and be content with what I've posted. However, this one was a bit more intimate. My heart strings were pulled in every direction. Instead of trying to formulate my thoughts, I'll let this brave woman do the talking:

"I needed a confidence boost. In my younger years (married now), I fell for the typical jerks who made me feel like I was Unworthy of anyone’s love. By the end of every relationship I felt myself finding it harder to love me and my body.

One guy told me I would never find anyone that would love me. I got “those looks” when I wanted to go on a chocolate chip cookie binge after a rough day at work. I was even left for someone else 48 days before my wedding... (thank God).

Fast forward a few years... I found my true love. We were both lost souls at the time we met due to our past relationships. Every day we grew together and lifted each other up. My husband has always been supportive and very affectionate. Always taken the time to tell me how beautiful I am and shows me as well.

I wanted to do this session not only for myself but for him. He is my best friend. He found me at my worst. When I hated myself the most, he loved me and carried me through it all. He was getting ready for AT with the Marine Reserves overseas when I gave him his book to take with him to Africa. (Boy did he light up) .... and looking up with tears in his eyes, he said “I hope after seeing these, you understand what I see when I look at you.

I was nervous— I mean who wants to try and be sexy while a complete stranger takes your picture?? I even took a girlfriend with me to calm my nerves! But once her camera snapped the first shot- the anxiety went away!

With Kierra, you feel like you are with a girlfriend. She coaches you through every position, encourages you, tells you how great everything looks. You leave feeling completely sexy, sassy, and confident!

My favorite part was the laid back atmosphere. And that she told me every position to do... I didn’t have to think about anything except feeling good about myself. 

It made me a more confident woman and even after three babies I look back at those pictures and I am still confident. (I was two weeks pregnant and didn’t know it).  Next time I get to show my mommy marks (stretch marks) — of which I am very proud of!"

Your past does not define you. The demons from years ago no longer have a grip on the powerful woman you are in this instant. Take a chance and be set free of those fears. Let me guide you to see the truest beauty you're capable of wearing.