Being Brave // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

"I AM NOT GETTING NAKED! That is what I kept thinking, I can't believe I signed up for this, turn around you are CRAZY, why did you do this?"

These are quite common thoughts after booking your boudoir session. However, it's completely normal.  

"I wanted it for my husband, but for myself too. Often after becoming a mother you just feel blah, and like no matter what you do you just don't look like the "old you". I had seen Kierra's work, and how uplifting she was and I thought maybe this would turn the negative thoughts away."

It's true. Many women think they are gifting this to their partner, however in the end it ends up being more of a gift to themselves. My entire goal is to bring you at least a tiny bit of peace and self acceptance within yourself. 

"My personal image about myself changed. I felt good about myself again, I know I still need work, but doing this session when I wasn't my best and still looking good for it made me feel great! AND I didn't turn around, and I took my clothes off.

My favorite part was the entire session, you would think being 3/4 naked in front of another woman/person holding a camera would be awkward and it wasn't at all, we laughed and talked just like we would if I had clothes on.

The session made me feel like no matter how you feel about yourself, it doesn't mean that's how everyone else feels. Be proud of yourself, and love yourself with 30 extra pounds and with 30 less pounds!

JUST DO IT!! Don't wait for any reason-- Don't be nervous, and just listen do what she says even if its painful--those are the best shots!"