Solo to Couples: Kierra Josette- Intimate Artistry

This woman is incredible. I've had so many sessions with her and I'm so excited to share her journey with you! 

"Honestly, Kierra had done some of our family photos, and I was absolutely obsessed with her work. The first shoot I did was for my husband for Valentine's Day. The second shoot was for him after we got back together after a brief separation. Doing this meant a lot to me, and him, and helped reassure him that I wanted to do something to surprise him. The third session was of us together in a couples session, and it was an incredible experience.

Going into my first shoot, I had body image issues. I have for most of my life. But after I left and saw my sneak peaks, I thought "sheesh, and I'm worried about THAT?" I honestly thought that Kierra was some sort of magician, because I had never felt that comfortable in my own skin. It was also pretty hilarious during the first shoot when Kierra told me it was okay to relax. She said "pretend like you're not in your underwear in my grandparents basement. It's totally fine!"

FUNFACT!!! - My very first "studio" was in my the basement of my grandparent's house. I'm forever grateful for my uplifting and supportive family. Back to the story...

"My initial thoughts were "okay, so she's seen me with my kids in family photos. Will this be weird?" The second time, I was so anxious to have them done again because I knew just how amazing she was. The third session with my husband, I was more nervous for him. I remembered how strange I felt going in for the first time!"

It's completely normal to be nervous--and it's normal for your partner to be nervous. But, I promise once you get to the studio all of your fears will subside!

"Hubby and I talked the entire drive home how awesome of an experience it was. HE ACTUALLY ENJOYED IT, TOO! Once we saw our photos, we fell in love with each one. Seeing the chemistry we have together in print is a feeling that can never be described.

All I can say is that after each shoot and after each sneak peak, I ALWAYS wanted more. More time in front of her camera, more photos to show my husband, more memories captured. Each time was absolutely amazing, and something I will always cherish!

Do it. Do it now. Don't wait until you "lose those last ten pounds". Don't wait until "you are given permission". Don't wait until there is something you're trying to repair in your relationship. DO IT, and do it for yourself."