Warm + Cozy | In-home boudoir session

Last Spring I had a session with, we'll call her Miss S (this is in no way shape or form related to her name whatsoever). Miss S lived out of town so I traveled to her home for her very first boudoir session. Warmth. Warmth is what greeted me when I entered her home. You see, most in-home boudoir sessions are different because I don't know the client on a personal basis. However, I knew Miss S outside of photography. We had been acquaintances for about 2 years now. So when I entered her house I was super excited to see her again! Although we were friends there was still some anticipation--I'd never photographed her intimately before!

"I was VERY nervous and self conscious!" Miss S wrote in her testimony. 

Boudoir sessions aren't like family portraits. The leaves don't change to orange and you think "time to get nude for some pictures!" No. Boudoir is a process. It's a mental game between wanting to book a session and not knowing what to expect. Miss S had her own reasons for scheduling her session: 

"1. To surprise my husband! 2. To boost my self confidence which wasn't very high after birthing 3 children and nursing for 2 years! But, I was VERY nervous and self conscious!"

Nerves are normal. Nerves are normal. Nerves are normal. It doesn't matter how many times I say that, you'll still be nervous before your session. However, my goal as an intimate artistry photographer is to help ease those fears and nerves.

" My favorite part was the way Kierra made me feel so comfortable when I felt the most vulnerable! My feelings changed! I realized I was still beautiful( maybe even more so) with my mom body! I realized that my husband actually loves my body more after having my children than he did before! I have way more self confidence and I feel my husband and I are closer now that I can love and embrace the way my body is!"

I asked her if there was anything she wanted to let you readers know: 

"Don't be nervous! She's wonderful and will make you feel completely comfortable!"

Here's a few favorites from my in-home session with Miss S: