Do it for yourself // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry Session

"I wanted to do a session because I had seen some of the awesome work Kierra had done and you could just tell she could make you feel confident about yourself. I needed a confidence boost. Having 3 almost full term pregnancies, my body had changed a lot. I NEEDED something to prove to myself that I was still beautiful. My husband and asked me a couple times if I’d do it for him but in the end I did it for myself."

WOW! Those words had me all up in my feelings. What a crazy amount of trust these women have in me to photograph their inner most self. They open their hearts and hand me their souls and I have to somehow figure out a way to convey that through my photography. However, they make my job easy. During a session I watch actions more than I listen to their words. Don't get me wrong- I'm completely listening to what they're saying. But, I'm watching their body language. Their facial expressions when they talk about their past. I'm watching the way she holds her body when she talks about her insecurities. That's my job, to find these movements and show these women that these "flaws" are actually beautiful works of art. 

"During my session I felt beautiful! Kierra has a way of making you feel so comfortable in your skin it’s amazing. She made me feel at home in her home. I felt worth it! After my session my confidence was definitely boosted."

I think the biggest compliment someone can give you is telling you that you were able to make them feel worthy. That's my goal here--worthiness.

" She wants to know you not-- just pose you! And getting all girly looking was a lot of fun! It has made me feel much more comfortable in my own skin and love me for who I am. In one word AMAZING! Life changing."

I could write hundreds of words telling you how great these women looked and how beautiful their images turned out. However, you don't need to hear it from me. Listen to HER. Let these women tell their own stories. I'm just here to document them. 

"I want to thank you for what you do! Your making great changes in women’s lives each and every day! Next for me will be a couples session!" 

xoxo - Kierra


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