Nerves, Concerns, and Learning to Love // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

I love when clients come back again and again for sessions! This babe is F I E R C E!! Her first session with us was a fine-art nude mini session. You read that right....nude. Way to go girlfriend. I was so proud of her bravery and strength. However, like most clients she had some hesitation before hand. I'll let her tell the rest of the story....

"NERVOUS, FEAR(i didn't realize it was a full nude boudoir until the day before) I cant believe im letting a professional photographer see me really naked. what if i look awful and poor Kierra would have to super edit me?

I saw how empowering Kierra's photographs document people and life in general.(fun fact:i fell in love with a maternity shoot that Kierra did and I HAD to keep stalking her work.) At the time i felt like I was no longer myself and also gained 40 lbs! I was happy with every thing in my life BUT myself. so i figured why not document my happiness even if I am chunky, worse comes to worse maybe it'll motivate me to lose the weight I've gained.

I've had 2 boudoir sessions with Kierra so ill talk about my favorites from both.

My solo- I LOVE how smiley and easy going she is. I didn't know what to expect, but as soon as she welcomed me in I felt so at ease and relaxed. I LOVE that she made me fall in love with a part of my body i never really cared for. She didn't just tell me how to pose she actually showed me how or what way i needed to pose. She's always asking if there are anymore poses or ideas that i wanted her to photograph me in. THE REVEAL!!!

Couple boudoir- How much we laughed, there's just something about Kierras personality that somehow made us feel laid back. Her infectious smile and sillyness doesn't even make it feel you're naked. she also made sure to capture raw emotion expressed. Once again she BLEW me away. Her open mindedness to step out of her zone and photograph my significant other vaping. He was nervous to be professionally photographed; what if something slipped out of the satin boxers?‚?‚. He loved that you were so outgoing and has a great sense of humor. Made him feel more relaxed.

I learned that no matter what size I am, there is only one me and one life to live, I shouldn't be ashamed of what i have shaped myself to be because every pound of on my body is a meal shared with friends or a loved one. a reminder that i am living my life with no regrets or fear(after the first boudoir, i felt like DAMN girl! why have you been doubting yourself, you still look amazing.)

I LOVE myself more. in my "grown up" bod. i don't feel ashamed to be happy like i used to. i somehow convinced myself back then that i shouldn't be so happy because with happiness came the relationship weight.  I also believe in myself and capabilities more now more than ever.

priceless- no amount of money can make you feel, what you feel when you see the photographs that Kierra capture. Kierra truly has a special "Eye" to capture raw beautiful photographs that tell so much. so much detail and passion put into this work of art.

Boudoir is so much more than "suggestive seductive pictures" its the ultimate way to tell yourself you love your self. self appreciation of every inch of your skin. and being proud of your body's journey".