Through hurting comes healing // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

There's a common misconception with boudoir sessions. Some think that women who have a boudoir session are highly comfortable with themselves and are quick to flaunt their beauty. This couldn't be farther from the truth. The majority of the time it's the complete opposite. Many women who are coming to me are at their weakest, most broken self. Sometimes they've hit rock bottom and this is one of the first steps of that uphill climb. The trust and security these women are laying on me is eye opening. A boudoir session is a way to break down those walls and this beauty did just that.

" Since our wedding, my husband has loved me through the loss of our baby, unsuccessful fertility treatments, and my fluctuating weight because of crazy hormones. When I felt my body had betrayed me, he still kissed it endlessly. It never mattered to him that I didn't like my body (or even my self, sometimes) he loved every part of me, regardless. I wanted a session to try and get a glimpse of myself though my husband's eyes. 

Before the session I was a little hesitant. Though I did a session for my husband before our wedding, we had been through so much that I didn't quite see myself the same way as I did then.  Although I'm not quite as flexible as some as the poses might have required, I never felt funny or out of place. I felt sexy for once, empowered even, and ready to love myself again.

These pictures were first ones I've ever even remotely felt that I could see myself the way my husband sees me every day. My favorite part was getting to see my images! My jaw literally fell to the floor because I was just sure that these were NOT my photos!

These pictures were first ones I've ever even remotely felt that I could see myself the way my husband sees me every day. He doesn't care if my hair is out of place or that I forgot to put on makeup, all he sees is me. And he thinks I'm beautiful. Thankfully, I was finally able to see that with these pictures.

Put aside any doubts that you can't or that you should wait until those few extra pounds are gone, because you need to love yourself NOW.

Don't keep putting off your session. If you want it, book it. Kierra will make you feel as though you are the most beautiful woman out there and it is worth every penny!"

It is with great pride and happiness I share with you this amazing women's strength, beauty, and WORTHINESS.



Out in the wild // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

"I did a session because I wanted to love myself and feel proud of my body. I especially have a lack of confidence in my breast. Also I love doing life modeling so I was curious how they would be different. I was very excited. Of course I was a little nervous after, all I had no idea how different from life modeling it would be. 

There was a cute sign waiting for me welcoming me with my name on it. She helped me pick out my outfits and got us each a bottle of water. We headed outside to the woods on the way we went over what I wanted and she made sure all my questions were answered. Kierra was friendly and we had fun talking. 

I found myself feeling more confident as soon as I put on the clothing items in the woods. It also helped that while Kierra is helping you pose and taking pictures she gives words of encouragement. After the session I felt like goddess, mainly of the booty". 

Outdoor sessions are always a refreshing change from our studio shoots. There's so many unique locations and places we can use. There's also the thrilling sensation of being nude outside. Although on private, secluded land, there's always a sense of freedom and wanderlust girls experience during their shoot. I love watching them transform from nervous and timid into free spirits frolicking around outside in their lingerie. It makes me proud to see them embracing their true self.

"I use to not wear tight cloths or half shirts because of my stomach or because I thought my breast were to small for it. Now I say "oh well if you don't like it don't look but your missing out cause I'm hella cute!"

That right there. She feels "hella cute" in her own body nobody what clothing she has on. Mission accomplished. 


Couples Boudoir // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

Throughout my years of photographing individuals, I have found a love for couples boudoir. Which really shouldn't have been such a surprise to myself. For the past 5 years I've photographed engagements and weddings and I love documenting love. What better way to combine my love for photographing people in love and empowering women at the same time?

"I wanted someone to capture the way my husband looked at me. After having two children and being together for 10 years you forget that you're still a woman; you forget that even though your a mother you still want to feel desired.

Before the session obviously we were both nervous. Kierra has a very calming vibe about her so my nerves were eased almost instantly. During the session I got more comfortable. I started the session saying to myself that I didn’t want to do any “scandalous” photos (mostly because of nerves) but the more into the session the more Kierra made me feel like a goddess."

One misconception about couples boudoir is that something is "happening". Nothing is going on --EVER! It's all posing and angles.  I will never push you to do anything your uncomfortable with. However, usually by the end of the session you're doing poses and set-ups you never thought you'd want. Those usually end up being some of the best shots of your session.

"My favorite part was watching my spouse throughout the shoot. He had the desire in his eyes that I hadn’t seen in a while. Being a mother of two, a wife, and working a full time job, it is so easy to fall into “auto-pilot” with your spouse. You forget what it’s like to be and feel desired. I never knew I needed to feel that way till I saw the look in his eyes."

Couples boudoir is such a neat experience for both members. It's like the ultimate date night (with a third wheel, hi it's me!). In all seriousness though, I think every couple should have the chance to document their love in an intimate, authentic form. 

"The session not only was an instant confidence boost but also the “boost” my marriage needed. Being together for 10 years and starting a family makes it easy to put your relationship on the back burner while you raise/focus on the kids. This experience woke us up and made us remember to love on us more.

Advise I would give would be to stop Hesitating. Don’t think of all the reasons you don’t want to (that’s called nerves) JUST BOOK A SESSION. You will absolutely never EVER regret it. I would also tell people to book a couples session at least once.

A couples session will bring you everything you didn’t know you needed. It will spice up your marriage and mend your soul. Being a wife and mother is amazing and exhausting. A boudoir session will make you remember that you are also a woman who DESERVES to feel beautiful in her own skin, desired by the one she loves, and confident that both of these don’t get put on the back burner throughout life."

xoxo- Kierra 


Through the Grace of God: A Veteran's Story // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

Today's featured beauty has quite the story. Not only was this boudoir session a journey of self discovery, but a healing process for her past. Below she'll share her story of why she booked a session and some of the experiences that influenced her choices. I want to personally thank this woman for courageously fighting for our country and acknowledging the fact that she was worthy enough for self love.  With that I give you a true inspiration: 

"Through my life I have endured many types of abuse, most by the hand of someone who was suppose to be the "Love of my Life".... After divorce and a few years of healing, along with seeing the images from the Worthy Project, I thought maybe I just had an impaired way of viewing myself. Even though my new husband is amazing, the hurt is was still there. Prior to my photo shoot my fiance, now husband, had never seen me naked. I was terrified of what he may think if he saw all of me. I believe the hurtful words and believed I was unworthy, broken, ugly, fat, and a waste of space. I new for me, that the negative life style was no longer going to own me. I was going to break the cycle of self hate and this was just the way to do it. I needed to see myself the way that I truly am and not the lies I heard time and time before.

Honesty, leading up to the experience up to the day before I was excited and ready to tackle the session without hesitation. The morning of, I literally woke up almost terrified, thinking of how many gorgeous women had done this before and what I must look like in comparison. I was so scared. I mean at that point my fiance had not seen me naked, but I was going to go reveal all to Kierra. During the drive I kept thinking of why I needed this. Why I needed it for myself and also to believe the amazing compliments of my fiance. I needed to see what he saw, instead of the image in the mirror. I am not going to lie, I prayed long and hard before walking into the studio. I prayed for God to calm my nervous and let me see myself as the beautiful creation that he has made. I also selfishly prayed not to vomit or breakout in splotches as I typically do when nervous or upset.

Then the session happened. Kierra was absolutely amazing. She knew my fears and concerns, because she took the time before the session to know my story, to know my reasons, and to share in the pain I was trying to overcome. Believe it or not, I was calm and confident during the session. I trusted and put my faith in Kierra and her skills to show the beauty in all women. 

We began with outfit choices and moved from there. I had in my mind that I would only do outfits, however by the end of it, I exposed all. I was beyond comfortable with Kierra and I am thankful for that. I can't imagine bearing myself to someone I wasn't completely comfortable and confident in.

My favorite part was the time spent overcoming the negative comments I heard so many times. I could finally see I wasn't at all what I had believed for nearly a decade. All that paired with the amazing images that followed made it an amazingly uplifting experience.

Prior to my session, a friend of mine criticized my choice to do a boudoir session, she felt that as a Christian I should not engage in such activities. This is my response. God created us as beautiful beings. The images that were created are showing God's beautiful creation. God intended us to be pleasing to our husbands. I find absolutely nothing inappropriate or pornographic about sharing such things with your husband. I would also like to encourage all women to engage in such an amazing uplifting experience. It is worth every single moment of stress and penny spent.

If you are considering doing a boudoir session, I would ask you why? No matter the reason, for yourself, to overcome hurts, to surprise your significant other, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! Do it! Do it for yourself, regardless of where you are currently with your self esteem we all need a boost. So do it! Book today!"

The respect I have for this woman's bravery, strength in her faith, and ability to handle what life throws at her with grace is immeasurable. I'm truly thankful our paths crossed and I was able to connect with her. 



Breaking the Ice. Let's laugh a little // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry

If you've read my blog then you know that a common feeling for clients is to initially be really nervous--usually because they're stripping down and being photographed. However, this babe had a unique outlook on her session. I've known her for so many years now. I've photographed her engagement, wedding, births, countless family photos, and now TWO boudoir sessions. 

" I was a bit nervous( more about getting lost lol than anything) but I was pretty confident, she's seen me more vulnerable than just being naked! She showed me a behind the scenes shot and it shocked me... I thought looking at myself in that raw of form I would hate it but I almost cried at how beautiful I looked and felt in that moment. It gave me that confidence back that I had years ago. I can look in the mirror and feel beautiful. No matter how many times others tell me I'm pretty if I don't feel it, it's not true!

My favorite part was the goofs... when your so nervous and something happens, whether it's me or Kierra and you just laugh and laugh and the nervous feeling is just gone!"

She's completely right. I am a big goofball. You think a boudoir photo shoot is all about being sexy and sultry. Well let me tell you, it is......but there's so many more emotions going on! There's a 90% chance I'll set my camera down to help pose you and then forget where it is. *cue awkward laughing*. There's also a chance that since I forgot where the camera was I'll trip over it and both of us will be cracking up laughing at my clumsiness there's absolutely no reason for you to be nervous in front of me anymore. 

There's also excitement. Seriously, I'm probably more excited about these images than you are. Partially because I get to see them in the instant they are taken and you have to wait until your reveal session and trust that I know what the heck I'm doing (I promise, I do ;) ). Do not be alarmed when I break out in a "YAASSS GIRL. That looks so good. Hold that. YAAAASSS". Because it will 100% happen. Then I will apologize for being an overly, excited supporter and we'll both be laughing again. 

"Kierra really knows how to break that ice of nerves and let you free and enjoy it all! And if there's something you want or don't want she doesn't force you to do anything! And she always asks if you want something that she didn't do. She wants to make sure you got everything that you ever wanted in a session(with in means of course!)

Do it! Don't wait untill you lose the weight or "tone up". Don't wait till you can fit into those clothes do it now! And again after you've lose that weight or toned up your belly... I did it when I was 30lbs heavier and again when I lost the weight and I'm so glad I did... it made me appreciate that "pooch" and show me that I HAD lost weight more than just what a scale can show me!

Always remember that she allows payment plans!! So you can always get the images you want and deserve!! That even if you 100 or 300 lbs she takes shots that flatter you in your unique shape, don't hesitate to do it, you won't regret it!"

There you have it. Another beautiful babe rocking her newfound confidence.




First Impressions + Frantic Thoughts // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry Session

"I had seen Kierra's work and I was blown away by the beauty of these gorgeous fierce women. I just knew I had to make myself try to do it. I was a nervous disaster. I spent several hours over several days trying to talk myself into it. I knew I wanted to do it....but I was so nervous especially after I took the time to really look at myself in the mirror naked. I had NEVER done that before. I couldn't imagine how "all of this" could look like anything beautiful in pictures. Part of me wondered if Kierra would be laughing in her head since we had never met before". 

Ladies. Please know that I would never laugh, assume, or judge you in any way shape or form during your boudoir experience. I know how scary and intimidating it can be to be in front of the camera. I'm here to help you and support you. Think of me as your personal cheerleader! Go team babe!

"When I arrived and I met Kierra my first thought was: There is no way I'm getting naked in front of her."

FREEZE.  Hello. This is real life, ya'll. I love how completely honest she is. Because, guess what? People judge, first impressions happen.  If you don't know what I look like (go visit the About Me tab on this website) but let me summarize-- I'm a petite 5'2, squeaky voiced gal with big glasses. Do not be intimidated by me!!  Seriously, I'm probably more nervous about your gorgeous self standing in front of me than what you are of me. 

"I got to know her a little while I got ready. I couldn't believe how sweet and down to earth she was. Once we started it wasn't 3 minutes before I forgot that I had no clothes on. I was having fun! She kept telling me how awesome and gorgeous I was. My nerves just melted away. I actually FELT gorgeous.

My favorite part was my first reveal session of all my pictures. Seeing myself so raw and exposed but so sexy. I couldn't believe it. Then when she told me I hadn't been edited or air brushed.....I was shocked".

You read that right. I do not Photoshop you. I won't make you 2 sizes smaller or bigger. I won't smooth your skin until your pores are non-existent. Now, I will remove a zit or touch up that bruise--because hey, hormones happen. But I won't alter anything that changes your true self. Learn to love those smile lines, girlfriend. 

"The self confidence I have gained with all of my sessions with Kierra is out of this world. I can now see the beauty that is me. I don't try to hide or blend in anymore. I'm no longer scared to accept a compliment. And when I look in the mirror now at my naked self....I see beauty not horror like I used to.

 DO IT! Just do it NOW. Not after you've lost 10lbs. Not when you've lost the baby weight. Not when you've got a tan. NOW. You're beautiful right now exactly as you are. And if you can't see sure as heck will after you've had a session with Kierra. All of my sessions with Kierra have been wonderful. It's so easy going and comfortable. You really forget that you're naked. Working with her is so effortless. She amazes me more and more with each session

Don't do it for your significant other, although they will really enjoy the images, do it for you. These images are something you will look at for years. And this is an experience every woman needs to do for herself."


Her very first boudoir session with me! 

Her very first boudoir session with me! 

Now, here are some favorites from our most recent session! 


Do it for yourself // Kierra Josette - Intimate Artistry Session

"I wanted to do a session because I had seen some of the awesome work Kierra had done and you could just tell she could make you feel confident about yourself. I needed a confidence boost. Having 3 almost full term pregnancies, my body had changed a lot. I NEEDED something to prove to myself that I was still beautiful. My husband and asked me a couple times if I’d do it for him but in the end I did it for myself."

WOW! Those words had me all up in my feelings. What a crazy amount of trust these women have in me to photograph their inner most self. They open their hearts and hand me their souls and I have to somehow figure out a way to convey that through my photography. However, they make my job easy. During a session I watch actions more than I listen to their words. Don't get me wrong- I'm completely listening to what they're saying. But, I'm watching their body language. Their facial expressions when they talk about their past. I'm watching the way she holds her body when she talks about her insecurities. That's my job, to find these movements and show these women that these "flaws" are actually beautiful works of art. 

"During my session I felt beautiful! Kierra has a way of making you feel so comfortable in your skin it’s amazing. She made me feel at home in her home. I felt worth it! After my session my confidence was definitely boosted."

I think the biggest compliment someone can give you is telling you that you were able to make them feel worthy. That's my goal here--worthiness.

" She wants to know you not-- just pose you! And getting all girly looking was a lot of fun! It has made me feel much more comfortable in my own skin and love me for who I am. In one word AMAZING! Life changing."

I could write hundreds of words telling you how great these women looked and how beautiful their images turned out. However, you don't need to hear it from me. Listen to HER. Let these women tell their own stories. I'm just here to document them. 

"I want to thank you for what you do! Your making great changes in women’s lives each and every day! Next for me will be a couples session!" 

xoxo - Kierra


_DSC3324 (2).jpg

Warm + Cozy | In-home boudoir session

Last Spring I had a session with, we'll call her Miss S (this is in no way shape or form related to her name whatsoever). Miss S lived out of town so I traveled to her home for her very first boudoir session. Warmth. Warmth is what greeted me when I entered her home. You see, most in-home boudoir sessions are different because I don't know the client on a personal basis. However, I knew Miss S outside of photography. We had been acquaintances for about 2 years now. So when I entered her house I was super excited to see her again! Although we were friends there was still some anticipation--I'd never photographed her intimately before!

"I was VERY nervous and self conscious!" Miss S wrote in her testimony. 

Boudoir sessions aren't like family portraits. The leaves don't change to orange and you think "time to get nude for some pictures!" No. Boudoir is a process. It's a mental game between wanting to book a session and not knowing what to expect. Miss S had her own reasons for scheduling her session: 

"1. To surprise my husband! 2. To boost my self confidence which wasn't very high after birthing 3 children and nursing for 2 years! But, I was VERY nervous and self conscious!"

Nerves are normal. Nerves are normal. Nerves are normal. It doesn't matter how many times I say that, you'll still be nervous before your session. However, my goal as an intimate artistry photographer is to help ease those fears and nerves.

" My favorite part was the way Kierra made me feel so comfortable when I felt the most vulnerable! My feelings changed! I realized I was still beautiful( maybe even more so) with my mom body! I realized that my husband actually loves my body more after having my children than he did before! I have way more self confidence and I feel my husband and I are closer now that I can love and embrace the way my body is!"

I asked her if there was anything she wanted to let you readers know: 

"Don't be nervous! She's wonderful and will make you feel completely comfortable!"

Here's a few favorites from my in-home session with Miss S: